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Kinder Registration

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Kindergarten Registration for 2020-2021

Kindergarten registration will be open from May 18th to June 18th and then re-open around the middle of July when all registration opens.

To complete registration for your student the following steps must be met and completed by the first day of school in September 2020.

Per District policy, a student will be admitted to kindergarten if his/her fifth birthday occurs on or before September 1st, or is a kindergarten student transferring from a public school in another district.

  1. Register online using RegiStar (Link below)
  2. Complete all paperwork (paperwork will either be mailed to you in August or maybe picked up from the school on registration day (TBA)
  3. Provide the following documentation
    • Proof of Address:
      • Utility bill (Natural Gas, Water/Sewer. Garbage, Electricity) with parent/guardian name and service address.
      • Rental or lease agreement with parent/ guardian name, address as well as manager/ owner’s name and phone number.
      • Property Tax bill with parent/guardian name and property address.
      • Documents related to the purchase of the residence with parent/guardian name and property address.
    • Proof of Age (Birth Certificate, Hospital Certificate, Baptismal Certificate, Immunization Record printed directly from physician’s office with student’s legal name and date of birth.
    • Proof of Immunizations

Go to RegiStar

Kindergarten Readiness


Parents often ask, “What are the skills my child needs in order to be ready for Kindergarten?”

This is what you can do to help your child to be ready for Kindergarten:

Children need to learn how to feel safe and comfortable being separated from their parent/ guardian.

Activities to give your child opportunities to learn to be away from:

  • Involve your child in a play group
  • Organized sports programs.
  • Organized Day camps

Children need to be able to:

  • stay focused and complete a single activity for 10 minutes (not including TV or video games)
  • Complete a puzzle (about 8-10 pieces)
  • Color a picture until it is finished

Children need at least 10 hours of sleep.  During sleep, the brain shifts what is learned during the day into memory.  Uninterrupted sleep is important.  A small amount of sleep loss – even 15 minutes – affects school performance.  When children do not get enough sleep, unlike adults who act sleepy, children exhibit hyperactivity.

Important Websites to visit: