Serving the Communities & Surrounding Areas of Brownsville, Halsey, Shedd & Peoria, Oregon.

Section E – Support Services

Policy Title Code
Safety Committee EBAC
Safety Committee EBAC-AR
Integrated Pest Management EBB
Integrated Pest Management Plan EBB-AR
First Aid EBBA
First Aid – Infection Control EBBA-AR
Infection Control – HIV, Aids, HBV EBBAA
HBV / Bloodborne Pathogens EBBAB / GBEBAA / JHCCBA
Injury / Illness Reports EBBB
Emergency Procedures and Distaster Plans EBC-EBCA
Emergency Drills and Instruction EBCB
Emergency Closures EBCD
District Procedures for Emergency School Closures EBCD-AR
Vandalism/Malicious Mischief/Theft ECAB
Video Surveillance ECAC
Student Transportation Services EEA
Guidelines for Transportation of Students to Sites Other Than Home EEA-AR
School Bus Scheduling and Routing EEAB
School Bus Safety Program EEAC
School Bus Driver Examination and Training EEACA
Student Conduct on School Buses EEACC
Discipline Procedures for District-Approved Student Transportation EEACC-AR
Use of District Activity Vehicles for Student Transporation EEACD
School Bus Driver Examination and Training EEACA
Student Transportation in Private Vehicle EEAE
Local Wellness Program EFA
District Nutrition and Food Services EFAA
Reimbursable School Meals and Milk Programs EFAA-AR