Serving the Communities & Surrounding Areas of Brownsville, Halsey, Shedd & Peoria, Oregon.

Section D – Fiscal Management

Policy Title Code
Fiscal Management DA
Budget Calendar DBC
Budget Preparation DBD
Budget Committee DBEA
Budget Hearing and Elections DBG
Budget Adoption Procedures DBH
Budget Amendment Procedures DBI
Budget Implementation DBJ
Budget Transfer Authority DBK
Borrowing and Investment of Funds DC
Property Lease and Rental DFB
Grants, Gate Receipts and Admissions DFC
Depository of Funds and Authorized Signatures DG / DGA
Bonded Employees and Fiscal Reporting DH
Property Inventories DID
Fiscal Accounting, Reporting and Audit DIE
District Purchasing DJ
Bidding Requirements DJC
Personal Services Contracts DJCA
Personal Services Contracts DJCA-AR
Payment Procedures DK
Payroll and Payday Schedules DL
Salary Deductions DLB
Advance Salary Payments DLBA
Expense Reimbursements DLC
Cash in School Buildings and Disposal of School Property DM / DN