Serving the Communities & Surrounding Areas of Brownsville, Halsey, Shedd & Peoria, Oregon.

Board Members

Current Board Members

Photo Name Zone End of Term
Randy Smith Randy Smith 1 June 30, 2023
Tony Isom Tony Isom 2 June 30, 2021
Parker Leigh 3 June 30, 2023
Jennifer Duringer – Chairman 4 June 30, 2021
Brian Tenbusch Brian Tenbusch 5 June 30, 2023
Rebekah Schneiter Rebekah Schneiter – Vice Chairman 6 June 30, 2021
David Karo David Karo 7 June 30, 2021

Contacting the School Board

Letters, emails and other written materials submitted to the school board are considered public record. In lieu of public comment, you may send a letter via U.S. mail to:

Central Linn School Board
Attn: Board Secretary
PO Box 200
Halsey, Oregon 97348

Also, you may send an email to This will send your email simultaneously to all school board members, the superintendent, and school board secretary.

Zone Map


Detailed zone boundary maps are available at the District Office.

District Report Cards

District (2018-19):
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Elementary (2018-19):
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High School (2018-19):
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Special Education (2017-18):
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