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Superintendent - Brian Gardner

From the Central Linn Superintendent,
Brian Gardner

Welcome to Central Linn! Central Linn is a special place in this world: a place rich in history and tradition, but not trapped in it. A place that not only honors its pioneering past but embraces the pioneering spirit as it pushes into the future.

We celebrate our community with traditions like the Pioneer Picnic and the Bloom ‘N’ BBQ that have gone on for generations authentic celebrations of who we are, not recent festivals designed for tourists’ consumption. We are the real thing. Central Linn is the kind of place that Norman Rockwell would have found bountiful subject matter: a community grounded by families, its close relationship with the land, and the desire to do right by our children.

It is that desire to do right by our children that has propelled this community to the forefront of educational reform. Not that we are trying to change the world, but because we believe that each one of our children is an individual and we want our schools and communities, to embrace, encourage, nurture, and provide “an individualized education for all learners.” It is just the right thing to do.

If your family has been here for generations, recognize and celebrate who we are. If you are a newcomer, jump in: coach a rec. center team, become a volunteer firefighter, flip pancakes on the 4th of July, stop by the senior center, thank a veteran at the VFW, come to a high school game or music night, become a ‘reading buddy’, join the Boosters or PTC, help out with FFA or robotics, get involved with this very special place that I am proud to call home.

Continuous Improvement Plan

This Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) is a live document that will continuously change.

CIP December 2019

Graduation Report

The 2011 Central Linn School Board adopted a vision of responsibility to every one of our students, their families, and our community. All students in our school “count” and all of them will be served to the highest level possible. We will work with them at their level and push them as far as they can go.

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Oregon English Language Learner Report



The Purpose, Mission and Goals of Central Linn School District


“Individualized Education for All Learners”

Governance Goals

  • Create a sustainable plan for Board education and for passing along knowledge as the Board turns over.
  • Work with administrators to develop a mission document that encompasses core components of District Purpose and draft policy to support it.

Community Goal

  • Every community member is a stakeholder and feels responsibility for student success.

Facilities Goal

  • Maintain and advance facilities to support District educational goals, enhance safety and promote community involvement.

Staff Goal

  • Staff support is important to the Board: resources, professional development and recognition will be a priority.

Learners Goals

  • Learners will show on pace growth or better over time, using District based assessments.
  • Board will work with grade 7-12 administrators to develop policy to improve “on track” graduation and post-secondary outcomes.