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What is ASPIRE?

ASPIRE matches you with an ASPIRE advisor; a trained adult volunteer who will meet with you once a month or as needed to help you make your post high school plans succeed. Your advisor will meet with you at school, during the school day, so you will not have added time commitments in your schedule.

Your ASPIRE advisor will work with you on such things as:

  • Finding a training program or school that meets your needs.
  • Organizing the tasks you need to complete in your junior/senior year.
  • Financial aid and scholarship opportunities and applications.
  • Getting good references for scholarship and entrance applications.
  • Comparing financial aid offers and getting the best aid package.
  • Making a smooth transition from high school to your next step.

Here’s what you will need to do:

  • Sign up for ASPIRE — permission forms can be obtained in the Guidance Center.
  • Keep your appointments (let your advisor know ahead of time if you need to reschedule).
  • Communicate your interests and goals.
  • Follow through with applications.
  • Be willing to keep your options open and think “outside the box”.

All students may participate in ASPIRE.

Useful Links
  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
    All seniors planning on attending college should file their FAFSA in January, or soon after, of the year they plan to enroll in a postsecondary school. Submitting a FAFSA can qualify you for federal grants (free money), loans, and work-study. The FAFSA is not a scholarship and is not based on academic performance but solely on financial need.
  • Oregon Student Assistance Commission (OSAC)
    The Oregon Student Assistance Commission administers ASPIRE and over 300 Oregon scholarships. The application deadline is March 1.
  • Oregon Career Information System (CIS)
    All Seaside High School students and parents can access the Oregon Career Information Service (CIS) from home. Find information on occupations, education and training, and financial aid. Make a skill assessment and interest profile. Contact the counseling office to obtain the username and password.
  • Register for the SAT
    The majority of four-year universities across the nation require you to take either the SAT or ACT before you can apply for admission. The SAT is designed to be taken at the end of your junior year. Click on the link for test dates, fees, and registration information.
  • Register for the ACT
    The ACT is America’s most widely accepted college entrance exam. It assesses high school students’ general educational development and their ability to complete college-level work. The majority of four-year universities in the nation require that you take either the ACT or SAT in order to be considered for admission.
  • FastWeb
    With more than $3 billion in scholarships, the FastWeb scholarship search is the largest, most accurate and most frequently updated scholarship database. If you supply an email address, they will notify you when new awards that match your profile are added to the database. You can even submit an electronic application to some of the scholarships listed in the FastWeb scholarship database, saving you time and money. FastWeb also includes a college search and numerous other student resources.
  • Aspire
    The Aspire website is a very useful resource for students and families. Aspire provides students with information and materials to assist in exploring options, planning ahead, finding the best fit, and funding options. They also have information for foster youth, student athletes, and students with disabilities to help navigate the specific challenges that these students face in persuing higher education.