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School Board Letter (09/24/21)

September 24, 2021  /  District

Dear Central Linn Families,

As the governing board of the Central Linn School District, we encourage the public, parents, and students to make their concerns known to us through a formal complaint process. Board Policies KL and KL-AR outline how formal complaints can be made and what processes the district will follow to investigate them. We have received two formal complaints regarding an alleged incident at Central Linn Junior/Senior High School earlier this week. When a complaint is filed, we discuss it with the superintendent to determine how the complaint will be evaluated and potentially investigated.

As outlined in Board Policies KL and KL-AR, the superintendent or designee shall investigate a formal complaint, confer with the complainant and the parties involved, prepare a report of their findings and conclusion, and provide the report in writing or in an electronic form to the complainant within ten working days after receiving the written complaint.

We have designated an investigator to investigate these complaints. In accordance with Board Policies KL and KL-AR, the complainants will receive the findings and conclusion from the investigation.

Central Linn School District protects the privacy and personally identifiable information of every student, as required under the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Depending on the outcome of the investigation, details of the resolution may not be made available to the public if it involves protected personal information. In addition, Board Policy GBL prohibits the district from disclosing information contained in an employee’s personnel file, which could include complaints and written disciplinary action.

We appreciate your patience as we conduct our investigation. It is important that there is no rush to judgment. We are following all of our policies and processes to ensure a fact-based investigation that is centered on evidence and not hearsay or misinformation.

The Central Linn School District Board of Directors