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Update from the Assistant Superintendent – April 5, 2021

April 5, 2021  /  Superintendent

Recently, we were notified that a person associated with the Central  Linn  School District has been diagnosed with COVID-19. As members of the school community, we understand that this might raise concerns alongside a caring response. We are working closely with the Linn County Health Department to respond to this news and protect the health of our community by temporarily quarantining those within close contact. If you have not been notified of a need to quarantine, please plan to resume to on-site instruction as usual.

Each situation calls for different protocols. In this case, we will follow the following steps:

  1. Quarantine each person considered a close contact
  2. Quarantine for a minimum of 14 days from exposure date

The best practices to prevent the spread of COVID-19 can be found on the following ODE website:

More information can be found on the Oregon Department of Education’s Ready Schools, Safe Learners page, the Oregon Health Authority’s COVID-19 page, and the Central Linn’s website.

Operational Blueprint for School Reentry 2020-21

If you have any questions, please contact the Central Linn District Office 541-369-2813.

We will keep you updated with any new information as it comes out, while meeting the requirements to honor everyone’s right to privacy.


Dr. Candace Pelt Assistant Superintendent