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Open Letter to Governor Brown from the undersigned members of the Central Linn School Board

October 27, 2020  /  District

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Governor Brown, we understand the difficulty of your leadership in these tumultuous times. We do not envy the choices you need to make to keep Oregonians safe.

We, at Central Linn, take the COVID-19 crisis seriously and strive to keep our community safe. Our Opening plans this year were derailed due to having too many transfers from other districts. We have those transfers because we put a quality product on the table. We consider this anomaly a relatively minor violation of the ‘Rural and Remote’ exception to the matrix. We have a very tight cohort and safety plan, we feel that our kids are safer in school than they are almost anywhere else. Not only are they safer from COVID-19, but safer from the damage to our kids and families that COVID has imposed on them. School is the safest place in many of our children’s lives; school is a place where they are fed, many are clothed, all are loved and supported, and where friendships are made. Isolation is not good for the mental health of our children and is putting a great deal of stress on them and their parents. We have successfully been operating K-3 and know we could do so K-12.

We ask you to allow local school districts like ours, supported by local taxes and governed by local boards, to make local decisions about what is best for our community. We are not deniers, we want to keep our community safe and we feel that we are best equipped to make those decisions with guidance, not mandates, from the state.

Signed by Board Members:

  • Jennifer Duringer, Board Chair
  • Rebekah Schneiter, Vice Chair
  • Parker Leigh
  • Randy Smith
  • David Karo
  • Brian Tenbusch
  • Tony Isom