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Welcome to the 2020-21 School Year

August 24, 2020  /  Jr/Sr High School

Due to the pandemic, we are making plans for In-Person and Distance Learning this school year. For both Junior and Senior High students we are changing to a 5-period trimester schedule from a 7-period two semester schedule. If students need to move between In-Person and Distance Learning, having fewer classes to concentrate on during the term will make the transitions easier for students. For high school students, each class will be worth .50 credit. To earn 1.0 credit (a year’s worth of credit in a semester), students will take a class for two of the three trimesters. For students in grades 7-12 we have built cohorts (small groups of students) based on student’s required classes and their elective choices.  We will use the same process when building cohorts for the second and third trimester this school year.

Students in grades 9-12 will begin the year with In-Person learning five days a week after the first week of the school year. Due to the new Jr High building not being ready by the time school begins, 7th & 8th graders will be on Hybrid learning, each of the four cohorts will come to school one day a week until the new building is completed.

Once again Central Linn School District will be purchasing all of the 7th and 8th graders school supplies for this year. Parents will not have to purchase any school supplies for Jr High Students. Students will receive their school supplies during CLarity week, the first week of School.

September 8th-11th will be CLarity week for the Jr/Sr High. A few cohorts will to come to school for one shortened day, each day of the week. Students will be checked out a Chromebook to use for the year, along with textbooks, books and planners for first trimester. Students who selected Distance Learning will also participate in CLarity week.

During CLarity week, students will meet their 1st Trimester teachers and learn how to use the technology that will be utilized for Distance Learning. Students will also learn the COVID protocols for In-Person learning. Parents will be able to learn alongside of their students virtually while their students are learning this new information. Additional information will be mailed home prior to September 8th to notify students which cohort they are in, and the date/time they will participate in CLarity week.

Welcome to Robert Cleary, our new 7th and 8th grade math teacher. Robert completed his student teaching last year at Central Linn, and is a great addition to the Jr High Team and the math department!

In spite of the pandemic, our high school teachers will be offering new dual credit courses this school year (courses that students earn both high school and college credit) at no cost to our students. The college credit is transferable to other colleges when students graduate. Danee Kallai will be offering US History, Tiffani Day will be offering Psychology, and Lindsay Androy will be offering Writing 121 & 122 for dual credit. Catherine Ordway will be teaching Math 111 & Math 112. Teachers Darrelle Parker (Science), Maria Guerrero (Spanish), and Denise Johnson (Health) will continue to offer dual credit courses in their subject areas.

Thank you to the staff members of the Jr/Sr High Purpose and Culture Team who worked throughout the summer to revamp the schedule, build cohorts, and COVID protocols; Patty Adams, Lindsay Androy, Jessica Patterson, Kyle Kivett, Mike Day, Sue Harte and Lauri Adams.

Our staff is looking forward to working with your children this school year!

Heidi Hermansen
Principal Central Linn Jr/Sr High