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Homeless/Wellness Program is in Full Swing

May 4, 2020  /  District

The Clothing Closet may be closed, but the Homeless/Wellness program is in full swing.

* If you are a family/student becoming homeless, please let us know. You may qualify for services.

* If you hear of ANY need or you, yourself or family have a need (food, clothing, gas money, hygiene products, household supplies, school supplies, internet, etc.), PLEASE let us know. Even if you think the need is too big, let us see what we can do.

As this time of uncertainty continues, many families are facing financial situations they had not anticipated. Families who answered the questionnaires “no problems” in the beginning, are now facing new struggles. If this is you or someone you know in our District please reach out to Audrey Borders (Wellness Coordinator) at 541-973-1890 or to a Teacher or staff member. We are here to help!