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Greetings, students and families!

September 10, 2019  /  Elementary School

Greetings, students and families!

Wow! This summer seems to have flown by so quickly! We have been working hard to prepare for your children to join us for a new school year. The first day of school is September 3rd. We will be meeting in the gym, and we will begin as close to 8am as possible. The tardy bell rings at 8:10.

When you join us this year, please remember our drop off location is on the south side of the building. We are asking all students exit the car on the same side of the sidewalk to avoid students walking in the street. We will have two staff members there ready to greet your student each day until 8:10. If you are walking your student into the building, please park your car in the lot and walk with your child across the parking lot and into the building. Entry to the parking lot is directly in front of the building on Hwy 99, and the exit is located on the south side of the parking lot. Please help us in keeping the flow of traffic running smoothly to ensure student safety!

One of our three major goals for our building this year (alongside continuing to improve in ELA and Math) is increasing our attendance. Every minute counts when it comes to educating our young students and preparing them for their futures. A team has been put in place, including our behavior support assistant, our wellness coordinator, our front office staff, ELL staff, myself, and others to help meet the needs of our families and to help get students in school. Our attendance rate last year was just 77.5%. That is an average of one day missed per week throughout the year. This is a huge detriment to our students. Please, if you can help it, help your child to get a good night’s rest, eat a healthy breakfast in the morning (we provide breakfast if needed), and arrive to school before our 8:10 tardy bell. Also, please schedule appointments for after school hours when at all possible. Our goal for attendance this year is 96%.

You will notice many new faces this year, as four new teachers will be joining the Central Linn family. Jeana Graham will be joining us as our K-3 music teacher. She has subbed for our district for the last three years, and we are thrilled to have her join our family. Maddie Elliott and Joni Powell are joining us in second grade, as Katti Baney has moved to Kindergarten and Cassie Ahrens will soon be on maternity leave. Carol Lawrence is our new Special Education teacher. If you need a sign language person, she is your gal! DeAnna Thoma is combining with Jamie Derrickson at 6th grade, and Debbie Davis and Courtney Cunningham are teaming up in 5th grade. Katie McMillen, Kati Brown, and Alesha Boggs will be bringing their extensive knowledge and background with children to our building as they join the team as Education Assistants.

We had a great year throughout last school year, and I look forward to another wonderful year beginning next month. This year, you can count on our staff working to continuously improve teaching strategies, using data to inform our instruction, and meeting your child at his or her individual level. Building relationships with students is always at the top of priority list. We will continue working on character traits each month, as well. Be sure to check in frequently with your child about what their class projects are each month as our character words will change monthly.

Have a great rest of your summer, and we will see you on August 29th!