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September 5, 2018   -   Central Linn Spotlight, High School Principal

We have some exciting changes this year at Central Linn Jr/Sr High School. Jessica Patterson will be the Dean of Students at the school. Jessica will continue to teach two vo-tec classes a day along with her new role as Dean. With her years of experience working with students at Central Linn, Jessica is well suited for her new position as Dean of Students.

Art Kallai will be the Athletic Director for both junior and senior high sports this school year. Denise Johnson will be working alongside Art as the Assistant Athletic Director. Art will continue his behavior support position at the elementary school during school hours, and then transition to his AD role after school. Denise will be a substitute teacher for Central Linn, and as the athletic director assistant she will focus on athletic schedules.

Stella Eversull will step into special services as Dena Crowell transitions into her new role in the District Office. Tiffani Day will be teaching humanities classes full-time at Central Linn this fall. Audrey Borders will be splitting her time between the elementary and high school to help students in both buildings. Arika Zimmerman, school nurse will be at Central Linn on Tuesdays. Angel Aloi and Sarah Daman will be moving from the elementary to work with students at the high school as Educational Assistants.

We have two teams of staff members who have been working over the summer to make Central Linn even better! The Purpose and Culture Team developed the new student athlete eligibility policy that will be implemented this fall. The Teaching and Learning Team is working to improve instruction in all grades.

We’re gearing up for a great school year at Central Linn!

Heidi Hermansen, Principal