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Elementary Update (9/12/2016)

September 12, 2016   -   Elementary School Principal

Welcome back to CLES!

I’d like to welcome all of our new families attending Central Linn, say hello to all of our returning families, and give a shout out to the amazing staff who will be working with us this year! I encourage you to visit CLES to see what’s happening, learn how you can be involved in your child’s education, and consider how to be a member of our Parent Teacher Club.

I’d like to remind you of several ways to stay connected with what’s going on at Central Linn. First, our weekly newsletter (Cobra Tales) goes home with kiddos on Wednesdays in your child’s Wednesday Folder. You can also find important information; forms, program information, teacher contact information, and other events on our school website. Our CL Facebook is another way to receive information!

There are many great plans already taking shape this school year, but most of all, I’m excited to see your child here at CLES growing and learning the best way that fits his/her style. Our mission is to serve your kiddos and provide an Individualized Education for all Learners!

Thank you for making Central Linn such an important and amazing part of our Central Linn community!

– Amanda O’Brien