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Music Opportunities at Central Linn

July 13, 2015  /  District

CL Pep Band 2014-15Central Linn is alive with the sound of music! With no charge for instruments for 5th and 6th grade Band.

While districts around the state have cut music programs, Central Linn has made their music program a priority and has expanded opportunities for Kids. K-6 graders have music instruction from a licensed Music teacher twice a week; 5th and 6th grade band is available after school 4 days a week; Choir and Band are available electives 7-12; Blue Notes our premier vocal group is open for auditions to all 9-12th graders; and expect to see expanded Band options soon.

If your child is fortunate enough to be here at Central Linn, I hope they are taking full advantage of these great programs. If your Child is out of our district, but would like to join us here at the best little district in the valley, please contact Susan Beaudin at 541-369-2818 (ext. 3).